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18.5"\21.5"\32"\43" self service kiosk self query touch screen industrial pc in shopping mall self-service kiosk

June 19, 2023

Latest company case about 18.5"\21.5"\32"\43" self service kiosk self query touch screen industrial pc in shopping mall self-service kiosk

Self-service kiosks are more and more popular equipment in modern shopping malls. Its main function is to provide customers with convenient and fast self-service. Self-service kiosks are usually composed of hardware devices such as touch screens, industrial computers, and related software systems.

The advantages of self-service kiosks are many, including the following:

Improve efficiency: Self-service kiosks allow customers to directly complete many operations that require manual intervention through touch screens and industrial computers, such as querying product information, viewing event information, self-service payment, etc., which is conducive to reducing the workload of salespersons and improving work efficiency.

24-hour uninterrupted service: Self-service kiosks can continue to provide services to customers during non-business hours of the mall, which is equivalent to providing the mall with an option to extend working hours, allowing customers to enjoy a convenient shopping experience at any time.

Improve consumer satisfaction: the use of self-service kiosks is simple and convenient, which can greatly reduce manual operation errors, and can also speed up service and improve overall shopping efficiency. It not only makes customers feel comfortable and at ease, but also brings customers Better consumer experience.

Reduce operating costs: In addition to reducing labor costs, self-service kiosks can also reduce product losses due to operational errors, and at the same time facilitate the management of enterprise data statistics and collection, and ultimately improve the operating efficiency of the enterprise.

In short, the advantages of self-service kiosks are very significant. It can provide more efficient, convenient, comfortable and safe services for shopping malls, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the entire shopping mall.


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