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32" 43" 49" 55" 65" mount media player floor stand digital signage display kiosk advertising displayer

June 10, 2023

Latest company case about 32" 43" 49" 55" 65" mount media player floor stand digital signage display kiosk advertising displayer

Vertical advertising machine is a vertically placed digital advertising device, compared with traditional horizontal advertising machine, it has the following advantages:

1. Take up less space: Compared with horizontal advertising machines, vertical advertising machines take up less space. This is especially important in scenarios such as commercial venues, exhibitions, and public transportation. The vertical advertising machine can be easily placed in a limited space, avoiding the accumulation effect and excessive space occupation.

2. Convenient viewing: Humans are naturally accustomed to focus their eyes on the front, while the vertical advertising machine stands in front of the user, so it is more in line with physiological laws. Due to the vertical display method, the vertical advertising machine can display more content on a smaller screen device, thereby providing a richer viewing experience.

3. Strong applicability: the vertical advertising machine is suitable for various places, such as shops, hotels, buildings, etc. It can be used as an information release system, an advertisement playback medium, an exhibition display screen and many other purposes.

4. High adjustability: Compared with the traditional horizontal advertising screen, the display content of the vertical advertising machine is more flexible. It can be easily switched to display different advertising content for different brands, products or services as needed. Users can also periodically update or change the ads they are playing to keep the content fresh and engaging.

All in all, vertical advertising machines have obvious advantages in terms of mobility, visual effects, adaptability and operability, and will become an important part of the digital advertising industry in the future.


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