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big size digital signage IP65 outdoor stand floor digital signage digital signage and displays outdoor double side

July 11, 2023

Latest company case about big size digital signage IP65 outdoor stand floor digital signage digital signage and displays outdoor double side

Outdoor bracket floor digital signage is a digital display device used in outdoor places. It adopts the form of bracket floor, combines high-quality display screens and intelligent management systems, and provides a convenient and flexible information dissemination for commercial and public areas. Way.

Outdoor support floor digital signage mainly consists of the following parts:

Stand floor: The stand floor is the basis for installing digital signage, usually made of corrosion-resistant, waterproof and dustproof materials, which can adapt to harsh outdoor environments. The stand floor can provide solid support and protection to ensure the safe and stable operation of digital signage.

High-quality display: Stand floor digital signage usually adopts LED display, which has the characteristics of high brightness, high contrast and wide viewing angle, which can realize clear image and text display. In addition, the LED display also has the advantages of strong durability, energy saving and high efficiency, and can meet the needs of long-term continuous work.

Intelligent management system: The digital signage on the stand floor is equipped with an intelligent management system, which can update, schedule and publish content through network connection and remote control. Such a management system can centrally manage multiple digital signs, flexibly adjust playback content and scheduling, provide real-time monitoring and fault alarm functions, and facilitate users to operate and manage.

The application of outdoor bracket floor digital signage is very extensive. They can be used in commercial advertising, brand promotion, product display, public information release and many other fields. For example, in commercial advertisements, the bracket floor digital signage can be used as an advertising display tool in places such as outdoor billboards, shopping mall stairways, outdoor squares, etc., attracting consumers' attention through high-definition images and vivid videos, and achieving the goal of publicity and sales. Effect.

In addition, stand floor digital signage can also be used for brand promotion and product display. Enterprises can display their brand image and product information on these digital signs to attract the attention of potential customers and increase product exposure and sales opportunities.

At the same time, the bracket floor digital signage can also be used for public information release, such as government announcements, community activities, traffic information, etc. Through the convenience and flexibility of digital signage, all kinds of important information can be delivered to the public in a timely manner, and the efficiency and coverage of information release can be improved.

Overall, the outdoor stand floor digital signage provides an excellent digital display solution for commercial and public areas with its stable support structure, high-quality display effect and intelligent management system. Its wide range of applications and flexible and diverse functions make information dissemination and brand promotion more convenient and efficient.

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