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Brightness Touch Screen Self Service Print Terminal Kiosk

May 26, 2023

Latest company case about Brightness Touch Screen Self Service Print Terminal Kiosk

In recent years, the field of smart medical care has gradually emerged and has become the focus of attention of the government, enterprises and the public. Smart medical care is the use of modern information technology to integrate technologies in the fields of medicine, the Internet, and artificial intelligence to create an intelligent and convenient medical service system, making medical care more efficient, accurate, and humanized.

In this context, the smart medical self-service cloud system came into being, which can greatly improve the service quality and efficiency of medical institutions, and also facilitate self-service for patients. In addition, the system can also integrate various functions of the hospital to reduce the waste of human and material resources.

Smart medical self-service cloud system mainly includes the following modules:

1. Registration and appointment module: Patients can register and make an appointment through the online platform, and enjoy more convenient and faster medical services according to the schedule of departments and doctors.

2. Medical question-and-answer module: patients can ask questions online through the system, and get expert guidance or answers from other patients, which improves patients' health awareness and self-care ability.

3. Prescription filling module: patients can fill prescriptions through the cloud system, and the hospital pharmacy can also issue and manage medicines based on this system.

4. Health file management module: This module saves information such as the patient's medical records, examination reports, physical examination results, and medication regimens, so that doctors can learn more about the patient's condition during diagnosis and treatment.

In short, the application of smart medical self-service cloud system can not only improve the service level of the hospital, but also meet people's growing medical needs. Therefore, the smart medical self-service cloud system has a very broad market prospect and will become an important part of the medical industry in the future.


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