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Lcd Resistive Touch Screen Monitor Industrial Monitor Self Service Kiosk

May 19, 2023

Latest company case about Lcd Resistive Touch Screen Monitor Industrial Monitor Self Service Kiosk

Self-service machine, also called self-service terminal, is a kind of intelligent self-service equipment. In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, self-service machines have been widely used in many fields, such as banking, catering, shopping and so on. Let's introduce the relevant information of industrial self-service kiosks in detail.


Industrial self-service machines are mainly used in industrial production and automation solutions in various places. These places include factories, airports, stations, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. The self-service machine integrates a large number of hardware devices and software systems, which can realize various operation functions, such as payment, query, shopping, etc., which greatly improves work efficiency and user experience.


In factories, industrial self-service machines can be deployed on the production line to help workers complete some simple tasks, such as workpiece inspection and material management. Through self-service machines, workers do not need manual intervention, which can save a lot of time and labor costs.


In airports and stations, industrial self-service kiosks can help passengers to perform operations such as self-service check-in, self-check-in, and self-service ticket exchange, which relieves the pressure on crowded areas and improves the travel efficiency of passengers. Self-service kiosks can also help passengers inquire about various information at airports and stations, such as flight time and train schedules.

In hospitals, self-service kiosks for workers can assist patients in online registration, payment, inquiry of laboratory tests, drug purchase and other operations, which not only reduces the workload of hospital staff, but also improves the efficiency and convenience of patients' medical treatment.


In shopping malls, industrial self-service machines can provide services such as self-service shopping and self-service payment, which facilitates customers' shopping behavior. At the same time, it also improves the overall service level and image of the shopping mall.


In short, industrial self-service kiosks are high-tech self-service equipment that can greatly improve production efficiency and user experience, and provide reliable support for automation solutions in various fields.


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