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multi-touch screen IC reader EPSON printer 32 inch touch screen kiosk standing kiosk

September 15, 2023

Latest company case about multi-touch screen IC reader EPSON printer 32 inch touch screen kiosk standing kiosk

Multi-touch screen: The multi-touch screen can recognize multiple touch points at the same time, providing more operating freedom and flexibility. Users can use multiple fingers to perform operations such as zooming, rotating, and dragging, which improves the interactive experience.

IC reader: IC reader can read and process information on integrated circuit cards, such as ID cards, bank cards, etc. It can provide efficient and accurate card reading functions to facilitate users to perform various identity authentication and payment operations.

EPSON printer: EPSON is a well-known printer manufacturer with stable and reliable quality of its printer products. EPSON printers have the advantages of high-speed printing, high resolution, and low cost, and are suitable for various office and home printing needs.

32-inch touch screen all-in-one computer: The 32-inch touch screen all-in-one computer combines the functions of a touch screen and a computer, with touch screen interaction and computer processing capabilities. It can be used for information display, education, business display and other applications, providing a more intuitive and convenient operation method.

Advantages of the standing all-in-one computer: The standing all-in-one computer is a fully functional device that integrates functions such as a monitor, computer, and touch screen. It has the advantages of small space occupation, convenient operation, and good visual effects. It is suitable for scenes such as public places, exhibitions, shops, etc. that require information display and interaction.


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