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outdoor 3000nits high brightness outdoor stand floor advertising display outdoor digital signage and displays

September 22, 2023

Latest company case about outdoor 3000nits high brightness outdoor stand floor advertising display outdoor digital signage and displays

Outdoor high-brightness bracket floor advertising display is an advanced outdoor digital signage and display technology with many advantages.

High brightness: This outdoor display uses nit high-brightness LED technology, which can display clear and bright images in bright outdoor environments, ensuring that advertising content can attract and attract the attention of pedestrians and vehicles.

High Definition: With high resolution and high pixel density, outdoor displays can display detailed images and video content, making advertisements more visually impactful.

Weatherproof: The outdoor display is made of waterproof, dustproof and UV-resistant materials, which can operate normally in various harsh weather conditions, such as rain and snow, high and low temperatures, etc.

Large size: The outdoor bracket floor advertising display can be made into a large screen as needed, providing a wider display area and better attracting the attention of the target audience.

Visible at long distances: Due to high brightness and high definition, outdoor displays can be seen at long distances, allowing advertising content to be seen and remembered by more people.

Easy to update and manage: Outdoor displays can remotely update and manage advertising content through an Internet connection without manual intervention, greatly improving the flexibility and efficiency of advertising.

Energy saving and environmental protection: The outdoor display uses LED technology, which can provide bright pictures while saving energy, helping to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

In summary, the outdoor high-brightness bracket floor advertising display has the advantages of high brightness, high definition, weather resistance, large size, long-distance visibility, easy to update and manage, energy saving and environmental protection, and is an ideal outdoor digital signage and Display solutions.


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