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outdoor digital signage IP65 outdoor stand floor digital signage display outdoor digital signage and displays

August 9, 2023

Latest company case about outdoor digital signage IP65 outdoor stand floor digital signage display outdoor digital signage and displays

Outdoor digital signage is a device used to display information and advertisements outdoors, and has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, and high temperature resistance. IP65 means that the sign meets the protection level of the international standard IP65, which can effectively protect the internal electronic equipment from the influence of the natural environment.

Outdoor vertical digital signage display is a special outdoor digital signage, which is designed in a vertical form to better display information content. This type of display usually has high brightness and contrast to ensure clear visibility of content in outdoor environments.

The main introduction of outdoor digital signage and display is as follows:

High Brightness and Contrast Ratio: Outdoor digital signage and displays usually feature high brightness LED backlights and high contrast ratio displays to ensure clear visibility even in direct sunlight.
Weather and Dust Resistant: Outdoor signs are often constructed of dust and weather resistant materials that resist wear and corrosion from harsh weather conditions.
Waterproof design: Outdoor signs and displays generally have an IP65 waterproof design, which can operate normally in rain or wet environments.
Durability and Reliability: Outdoor signs are typically designed with durable materials and construction to ensure stable operation and a long lifespan over extended periods of use.

Remote management: Outdoor digital signage and display screens usually support remote management functions, which can update, control and monitor content through the network, so that managers can grasp the information display situation in real time.
In a word, outdoor digital signage and display is a kind of equipment specially designed for outdoor environment, which has the characteristics of good waterproof, durable, high brightness, etc., and can effectively display various information and advertisements.


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