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Self Service Touch Screen Kiosk Interactive Whiteboard All In One Machine Self Service Terminal

July 21, 2023

Latest company case about Self Service Touch Screen Kiosk Interactive Whiteboard All In One Machine Self Service Terminal

Interactive Whiteboard is a modern educational tool that integrates projector, computer and touch screen. Compared with traditional blackboards, interactive electronic whiteboards have the following advantages:

Enhance learning interactivity: The interactive electronic whiteboard can be directly operated through the touch screen or electromagnetic pen, and students can write, draw, drag and drop on the whiteboard, which enhances the interactivity and participation of learning. Teachers can display teaching content in real time, mark key points, and interact with students to make learning more lively.

Rich multimedia: The interactive electronic whiteboard supports the playback of multimedia resources, and can display rich teaching resources such as text, pictures, audio, and video by connecting to a computer or network. Teachers can introduce relevant content at any time according to teaching needs to improve learning effects.

Resource sharing and preservation: The interactive electronic whiteboard can save the content written by the teacher on the whiteboard for subsequent review and review. At the same time, teachers can share teaching resources with other classes or schools through the network to promote the sharing of teaching experience and educational resources.

Provide real-time feedback and assessment: Interactive whiteboards can be used for real-time quizzes and assessments. Teachers can engage students and get instant feedback through the quiz feature on the whiteboard. This helps teachers keep abreast of students' mastery and flexibly adjust teaching strategies based on feedback results.

Cross-regional collaboration: The interactive electronic whiteboard supports network connection, enabling remote collaboration and teaching. Teachers can transmit teaching content to another place through the network, so that remote students can also interact with teachers in real time. This is of great significance for remote teaching and distance education.

All in all, the interactive electronic whiteboard has many advantages in the field of education. It not only improves classroom interaction, enriches teaching resources, but also realizes the innovation of teaching methods, and provides teachers and students with more flexible, convenient and diversified learning methods.

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