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The KER Hospital Self-service Terminal Finally Stationed In Aier Eye Hospital In Chengdu. Quickly Handle Medical Consultations In One Stop.

July 28, 2020

Latest company case about The KER Hospital Self-service Terminal Finally Stationed In Aier Eye Hospital In Chengdu. Quickly Handle Medical Consultations In One Stop.

Hospital Self-service Terminal

A smart medical self-service terminal all-in-one machine integrating new experiences of smart, informatized and humanized medical services. Specially designed to solve the complicated and time-consuming process of consultations because of queuing up in hospitals, the self-service all-in-one machine is researched out for self-service appointment, registration, card issuance, payment, receipt and ticket collection, and inquiry, etc.

The KER Hospital Self-service Terminal finally successfully stationed in Aier Eye Hospital in Chengdu. We can see that the machine is placed in one of the lobby of the hospital. The unique and novel medical treatment mode has attracted a large number of patients to operate it by themselves (the hospital staff is also arranged to help).

Interviewing the patients who are using the self-service machine, they said: This self-service machine is really so smart and convenient, and trouble-free. In the past, you had to come to make an appointment early, and then the manual service operation efficiency could not keep up. Most of the time was wasted on the queue, and the hospital departments were scattered, and sometimes you had to run from this building to another building to find a department to register. Now with this kiosk, you can make an appointment, registration, collect a card, pay, collect the report, collect the receipt, etc. by yourself according to the instructions of the machine. There is no need to re-queue at each process and it takes a short time , Save time and trouble a lot.

After making an appointment and registration, the patient can go directly to the designated department to wait. The self-service machine is connected to the outpatient screen system of each department, and the screen will display the introduction of the doctor and the status of the queue information of the patients in a carousel. After the consultation, you can go directly to the self-service machine to pay the bill and then go to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine.


1. Machine And Equipment Composition

An all-in-one machine designed, developed and assembled with sheet metal paint body, light box, 19-inch integrated industrial-grade touch screen, industrial-grade host, industrial-grade power supply, various functional modules, power amplifier and audio.

2.Machine Operation Process

A. Apply for a hospital diagnosis and treatment card/regional health pass with an ID card.

B. Log in with ID card, hospital diagnosis and treatment card, regional health pass, social security card, and barcode (QR code).

C. There are multiple ways to select departments and doctors to make appointments, and can self check-in for medical consultations and print out medical guidance sheets.

D. Bank cards, WeChat and Alipay can be used to recharge or pay for the account, and print the recharge payment receipt.

E. Print the receipt and make up the invoice.

F. Print the inspection report.

H. Query recharge payment records, hospitalization day list, medicine inspection prices, etc.

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