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Big size waterproof dustproof outdoor advertising display outdoor kiosks media player digital signage and displays

June 7, 2023

Latest company news about Big size waterproof dustproof outdoor advertising display outdoor kiosks media player digital signage and displays

Outdoor advertising machine is a brand-new advertising medium with the following advantages:

Wide coverage: Outdoor advertising machines are placed in public places, such as streets, squares, bus stop signs, subways and other high-traffic areas, which can cover a large number of potential customers and pave the way for brand communication.

High visibility: Compared with traditional single media, outdoor advertising machines have stronger visual appeal, because they use high-tech display devices such as LED screens, which are full of vitality and interactivity, and can better attract the audience's attention. In addition, creating visual effects at night is also a major advantage of outdoor advertising machines.

Good publicity effect: The content of the outdoor advertising machine is creative and diverse, and can be customized to create a more vivid experience in real scenes. At the same time, it can effectively convey brand information and product information, and improve brand awareness, reputation and purchase conversion rate.

Save advertising costs: Compared with traditional poster advertising, outdoor advertising machines are not only more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, but also relatively low in investment costs, which enables small and medium-sized enterprises to gain a firm foothold in the field of outdoor advertising.

Accurate data analysis: The outdoor advertising machine is equipped with data statistics software and other high-tech tools, which can achieve precise and subtle positioning of the audience's location, age, gender, etc., and help companies to observe and evaluate the effect of advertising in real time, and provide a basis for follow-up publicity work Provide data support.

High-quality after-sales service: Since outdoor advertising machines are often affected by various complex weather factors such as heat, cold, rain and snow, their operating requirements are very demanding. Most outdoor advertising machine manufacturers give customers very thoughtful guarantees in after-sales service to ensure that the equipment can run stably around the clock and extend the service life.

Accordingly, the advantages of outdoor advertising machines are obvious, and more and more advertisers have set their sights on it, trying to use this media form to create a brand image with more content and appeal.

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