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Details Of Hotel Self-service Terminal

December 31, 2020

Latest company news about Details Of Hotel Self-service Terminal
Hotel self-service terminals are relatively few in the current market. Many hotel companies do not know much about hotel self-service terminals, and some hotels have not even heard of the existence of hotel self-service terminals. Today the self-service terminal manufacturer KER will share with you the detailed introduction of the hotel self-service terminal.
Functions Of Hotel Self-service Terminal
1. Check-in function: ID card, QR code, mobile phone number, membership card check-in;
2. Card dispensing function: dispense hotel room card;
3. Recharge function: online payment (Alipay, WeChat, etc.) UnionPay, cash payment;
4. Video function: Collection and verification of customer face recognition;
5. Printing function: print receipts;
6. Card reading function: UnionPay card, hotel membership card, room card reading;
7. Timing function: can automatically switch on and off at regular time;
8. Advertising playback function: background operation and management playback can be performed;
9. Power-off transaction function: After power-off, thebackup supports normal ticket sales and withdrawal operations.
Hotel Self-service Terminal Check-in And Check-out
1. Choose the type of room you want to stay in and enter the number of days
2. ID card scan and aim at the camera for face recognition
3. Enter the payment link and make payment according to your own circumstances
4. Get the room card from the room card dispensing port
5. Checking out is more convenient than opening a room. Choose check out on the hotel self-service terminal, and then follow the instructions step by step.
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