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double side advertising player for supermarket\ exhibition ultra thin advertising display digital signage and displays

September 21, 2023

Latest company news about double side advertising player for supermarket\ exhibition ultra thin advertising display digital signage and displays

The supermarket/exhibition double-sided advertising machine is an ultra-thin advertising display digital signage with the following advantages:

Double-sided display: Double-sided advertising machines can display advertising content in two directions at the same time, improving the visibility and coverage of advertising and attracting more target audiences. In supermarkets and exhibition venues, double-sided advertising machines can attract customers and visitors at the same time, increasing the influence of advertising.

Ultra-thin design: The double-sided advertising machine adopts an ultra-thin design, takes up little space, and is highly integrated with the environment. It will not take up too much exhibition space or supermarket aisle space, making the advertising display more natural and smooth.

High-definition display: The advertising machine is equipped with a high-definition display screen, which can present clear and vivid images and videos, provide more attractive visual effects, and enhance the effect of advertising. In exhibitions and supermarkets, high-definition displays can better display the details and advantages of products and attract the attention of customers and visitors.

Remote management: The double-sided advertising machine supports remote management and updating of advertising content without manual intervention, saving labor and time costs, and the content can be replaced and updated at any time according to needs. For supermarkets and exhibitions, advertising content can be updated in real time based on sales activities, seasonal changes, etc., providing more accurate and targeted publicity.

Versatility: Advertising machines usually also have multiple functions, such as touch screen, face recognition, temperature display, etc., which can be customized according to needs to meet the different needs of supermarkets and exhibition venues. For example, in supermarkets, touch screen functions can provide interactive services such as product inquiries and promotional information, increasing user experience and purchasing desire.

To sum up, the supermarket/exhibition double-sided advertising machine ultra-thin advertising display digital signage has the advantages of double-sided display, ultra-thin design, high-definition display, remote management and versatility, and is suitable for advertising and information in supermarkets and exhibition venues. exhibit.

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