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Hotel Smart Card Check-in Self Kiosk Order Service Check In Machine

February 14, 2023

There is no differentiation in hotel occupancy experience,which can meet the needs of smart hotels in the lnternet age. Alleviate the real check-out pressure. Let the pleasant privacy of the hotel be better protected. The average annual turnover rate of hotel employees exceeds 60%,and the labor cost is rising. We use scientific and technological meansto help and improve people's service efficiency, ability and breadth. lntelligent self-service terminals are the most loyal employees of managers. The self-service terminal is directly connected with the hotel PMS data torealize data interaction and improve efficiency. Professional customization to meet your individual needs. Consult customer service for more products. The real 10 points touch capacitive screen without dead corner has high accuracy, no drift and disconnection after one calibration, smoothtouch, and experience the hand feeling of fingertip and screen. lt adopts industrial computer configuration and has the ability to operate the platform 24 hours a day. Low power design saves energy, and can meet the needs of public space in various industries. The industrial motherboard with low power consumption and high performance is used for super. One stop touch solution improves user experience and creates application value.

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