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Industrial Control All-in-one Computers Have Opened Up Many Usage Scenarios In The Industrial Field

August 6, 2020

Latest company news about Industrial Control All-in-one Computers Have Opened Up Many Usage Scenarios In The Industrial Field

In the era of Industry 4.0, the deep integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing has brought about profound industrial changes, large-scale personalized customization, intelligent integration based on machinery and cyber physical systems (CPS), forming new production methods, Industrial form, business model and economic growth. The manufacturing industry is now faced with a complex production environment such as fierce competition, complex supervision and potential safety hazards. In order to meet these challenges, manufacturers have begun to transform to intelligent production, seeking solutions that integrate planning, operation, and monitoring to achieve safe production and protect people, the environment, assets, and intellectual property rights. Industrial control integrated machine came into being.

The industrial control all-in-one machine guarantees the throughput of the entire production in the most comprehensive, safe and fast manner; A simple and unified management system improves the quality of production management, while at the same time it is necessary to reduce costs and save resources; It guarantees the full range of factories, storage equipment, the operation and maintenance of production equipment, IT facilities, and application data are safe; The production volume is easier to manage, and the response to internal, external and market changes is more rapid; To improve safety, to control the development and implementation of labor insurance gloves for employees; Improve corporate performance Production efficiency, bring more business, improve performance and increase profitability.

Industrial control all-in-one machines have opened up many use scenarios in the industrial field, including: factory automation, CNC machine tools, energy, military, manufacturing, coal mining, complete security systems, industrial control solutions, remote monitoring systems, test and measurement, home furnishing Automation etc.

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