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Intelligent Medical Big Data Information System Self-service Terminal Integrated Machine

October 28, 2020

Latest company news about Intelligent Medical Big Data Information System Self-service Terminal Integrated Machine

Smart Medical

Information Data

Intelligently Connected Hospital HIS System


Self-service Appointment Registration, Payment, Printing And Ticket Collection

Intelligent Consultation Process

Reduce The Time Of Queuing For Consultation

It is reported that my country’s current public medical management system is still in its infancy at the initial stage. In particular, medical issues such as “low-efficiency medical system, poor-quality medical services, and difficult and expensive medical treatment” have always been the main focus of society. Large hospitals are overcrowded and no one visits community hospitals; poor medical information leads to cumbersome medical procedures for doctors and patients, polarization of medical resources, and other important factors that affect the harmonious development of society. With the continuous development of the economy, the health concept of the Chinese people continues to improve, and medical and health consumption will also usher in a long-term and steady development stage; the renewal and development of medical technology, the deepening of the reform of the medical and health system, the strengthening of national health awareness, and intelligent services Data medical treatment has also become the primary choice of various hospitals today.


Smart Medical Development Trend

1. my country’s medical demand continues to grow. The country attaches great importance to the development of the medical device industry, and increases investment and support. The level of the medical device industry continues to improve, and the industry is gradually moving towards the high-end market. 2. With technological progress, my country continues to adopt high and new technology to greatly improve the sensitivity, applicability, early diagnosis, microanalysis, specificity and efficiency of diagnosis and treatment of medical devices, which will promote the advancement of a large number of old products Retirement has triggered new market demand for medical devices. 3. Since 2018, my country’s medical devices have received frequent policy support. Whether it is the “13th Five-Year” plan or the “Made in China” promotion plan, etc., the innovation, R&D and quality upgrade of domestic medical devices have been upgraded to unprecedented heights. And this will also be an important step in the further technological reform and development of smart medical care.

Then, smart medical self-service kiosk is one of the self-service terminals that came into being in line with the development trend of smart medical care, creating a win-win situation for the development of intelligent self-service medical systems in hospitals, patients and banks.


Realize outpatient service, pharmacy, medical technology, physical examination and other related departments queuing and triage call numbers and outpatient visit guidelines, doctor outpatient scheduling, floor guidelines, department guidelines, publicity of fee items and other information


Provide 24-hour automatic service, so that patients can pick up the test report and test form at will during this period; and the hospital does not need to arrange special personnel to be responsible for the printing and distribution of the test form, effectively solving the problem of accumulation and loss of the report form

Intelligently connect the smart medical self-service terminal to further realize the integrated application with the hospital system, realize the independent business system, achieve real-time sharing and exchange of data with the hospital HIS system and business process collaboration, and further increase the existing medical business Bank, third-party payment transaction functions and other connections. The autonomous registration machine does not affect the functions and efficiency of other existing systems in the hospital, guarantees the unification of new and old data, and enhances the background management of the integrated machine and various related data synchronization reports. Realize a new experience of humanization, informationization, and intelligent self-service medical services.

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