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LCD queue management kiosk Call System Barcode Scanner Ticket Collect Terminal Self Service Queue Kiosk

April 19, 2024

Latest company news about LCD queue management kiosk Call System Barcode Scanner Ticket Collect Terminal Self Service Queue Kiosk

LCD kiosks, call systems, barcode scanners, ticket terminals and self-service kiosks are all common components of a modern queue management system. Their combination can bring many advantages, here are some of them:

Increased efficiency: The combination of these systems can greatly improve service efficiency. Customers can take a number through a self-service queuing kiosk, and the system will intelligently allocate customer numbers, reducing manual intervention and thereby reducing queuing time.

Optimized resource utilization: By assigning numbers and dispatching systems, resources can be used more efficiently, ensuring optimal utilization of service personnel and equipment.

Improve customer experience: Customers can know their queue position and waiting time through the LCD screen or call system, which improves customer comfort during the waiting process.

Data statistics and analysis: These systems can collect large amounts of data, such as customer flow, average waiting time, etc., to help organizations conduct business analysis and optimization.

Reduce errors: Barcode scanners can help reduce human errors, improve work efficiency and accuracy, and ensure the accuracy of information.

Cost Savings: Self-service queuing kiosks and call systems can reduce the need for human resources, thereby saving costs.


Guangzhou Chujie Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production ofhuman-computer interaction equipment and selF-service terminals with it's own-brand KER.

We have a professional product line andstrict quality management standards. With a professional technical service team and industry consulting team, we have leading productdesign and research and development capabilities.

After nearly ten years of industry accunulation and technology precipitation, the company has become a core service provider and solution provider for mainstream applications.

Gradually grows into a well-known brand in the touch industry and has won the“The National High-Tech Enterprise”“Outstanding Suppliers Of GovernmentProcurement', "The Heavy Contract,Keep Promise AAA Level Enterprise" and other honors.

We possess dozens of patents and software copy rights. Our products are widely used in industrial and commercial tax affairs, adminitrative senvice centers, banks, medicals, hotels,communications, stations, airports, scenic spots, cinemas, specialty stores, schools, factories and other industries, with over 10,0oapplication cases worldwide.


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