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OEM &ODM 65 inch floor standing digital signage advertising machine

August 10, 2023

Latest company news about OEM &ODM 65 inch floor standing digital signage advertising machine

The floor-mounted digital signage advertising machine is a device used to promote and display advertising content, and is usually installed in public places such as shopping malls, exhibitions, hotel lobbies, airports or stations. It uses a liquid crystal display or LED screen as a display medium, which can play dynamic images, videos, text and audio content.

The floor-mounted digital signage advertising machine has the following characteristics:

High-definition display: The advertising machine adopts advanced liquid crystal display technology or LED screen, which can provide high-resolution image and video display effects, making the advertising content more clear and eye-catching.

Multimedia display: The advertising machine supports the playback of various media formats, including pictures, videos, Flash animations, texts, etc., making the advertising content more diverse and vivid.

Remote management: Through the network connection, the advertising machine can realize remote management and control, and the administrator can update and manage the advertising content at any time, without manual operation, which is convenient and fast.

Time scheduling: The advertising machine supports time scheduling function, which can set different advertising content according to different time periods to meet the publicity needs of different time periods.

Interactive function: Some floor-mounted digital signage advertising machines also have a touch screen interactive function. Users can perform interactive operations through the touch screen to obtain more information or participate in interactive activities.

Various installation methods: The advertising machine supports different installation methods, including ground installation, bracket installation, etc., and the appropriate installation method can be selected according to actual needs.

In short, the floor-mounted digital signage advertising machine can effectively attract people's attention and convey advertising information through the characteristics of high-definition display and multimedia display, and become a powerful tool for business promotion and brand promotion.


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