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Perfect Travel, Starting From The KER Self-service Terminal

November 25, 2020

Latest company news about Perfect Travel, Starting From The KER Self-service Terminal

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, holiday travel has become the first choice for many people to relax. However, queuing to buy tickets and picking up tickets has become a headache for many people. Because too many people go to travel on holidays, there are long queues in scenic spots. It also led to the loss of many customers. Faced with this problem, automatic ticket vending machines in scenic spots can help scenic spots reduce the pressure of ticket sales and improve customer experience.

In order to speed up the operational efficiency of the scenic area, tourist attractions use automatic ticket vending machines, which can replace the staff in the scenic area to provide tourists with tickets. Tourists can purchase, pay and collect tickets on their own self-service machines. The operation is simple, which greatly reduces the work pressure of the counter staff, avoids unnecessary conflicts between tourists and service staff, and saves the time required for queuing. It not only reduces the pressure of ticket sales in the scenic area during peak passenger flow, but also reduces the time cost of tourists queuing to buy and collect tickets, greatly improving the work efficiency of the scenic area and making it more convenient for tourists to play.

The self-service terminal of the scenic spot makes the development of the scenic spot better. Tourists no longer need to wait for tickets for a long time. This not only saves customers’ time, but also improves the efficiency of the scenic spot, queues up for the customer’s travel, and gives customers a perfect travel.

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