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Public Touch Screen Information Display Self Service Library Book Returning Checkout Machine Kiosk

February 3, 2023

Touch Screen Self Service Library Kiosk, effectively improve the efficiency of readers' query,reservation and borrowing and returning books, andsave queuing time.Realize unattended , reduce laborcosts and improve book circulation efficiency.

Solve four major problems with one machine:

1、When sensing the certificate, please place thecertificate in the sensing area and wait until theaccount information appears on the screen.

2、(RFID mode) you can borrow up to 5 copies ata time (Magnetic stripe mode) can borrow up to 1book at a time.

3、When you click to borrow a book,please makesure that the book is located in the "Book sensingarea". When you borrow a book, please don’t movethe book at will.

4、The system has a running time of 3seconds after clicking borrow. Please waitpatiently.

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