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“Smart Medical Triage Screen” Helps Hospital Informatization Construction

September 27, 2020

Latest company news about “Smart Medical Triage Screen” Helps Hospital Informatization Construction

With the continuous improvement of living standards and the rapid development of electronic information and intelligent products, people have higher and higher requirements for living environment and medical care.

The hospital triage queuing system realizes the release of information such as outpatient, pharmacy, medical technology, physical examination and other related departments queuing and triage calling and outpatient visit guidelines, doctor outpatient scheduling, floor guidelines, department guidelines, and publicity of charging items. A queuing system designed for hospital visits, which greatly improves the service environment of the hospital, brings a quiet consulting room space for doctors to diagnose the condition, and brings one-to-one services to patients, which is also well avoided the patient’s condition privacy issues and so on.

The hospital’s triage queuing system is closely integrated with the hospital’s HIS system. On one hand, it can divert medical personnel, so that patients will no longer worry about standing in the wrong line or jumping in line, and create a more comfortable environment for patients who come for medical treatment; On the other hand, according to the statistical data provided by the system, the queue classification can be adjusted, the service content of the clinics can be rationally arranged, and the work efficiency can be improved, so as to standardize the hospital’s medical order, modernize the outpatient management, and comprehensively improve the hospital’s service quality and corporate image.

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