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Specific Operation Process Of The Hospital Self-service Registration & Payment Kiosk

October 15, 2020

Latest company news about Specific Operation Process Of The Hospital Self-service Registration & Payment Kiosk

You need to register when you get sick. In hospitals, there are often many patients. It is common to queue for a long time for registration. Gradually, many people begin to worry about the problem of registration. Many hospitals have introduced self-service payment machines in order to solve the patient’s concern.

1. ID card identification: Patients can register at medical self-service terminals through second-generation ID cards, citizen cards, health cards, and health insurance cards. Then, according to the prompt of the medical self-service terminal, place the ID card on the card reader, and the medical self-service terminal can automatically recognize it.

2. Select department or doctor: According to your actual needs, choose the appointment department. In some hospitals, patients are also free to choose the doctor they need to make an appointment, so that patients can choose their favorite doctor or the doctor they visited last time.

3. Choosing the time to see the doctor: After we have selected the doctor, we must choose when to see the doctor. If the time of the doctor chosen is not the right time for the appointment, we can choose a doctor again.

4. Confirm whether the information is correct. When we complete the above operations, the whole process is over, and then we only need to confirm whether the information is correct.

The medical self-service terminal only needs a few simple steps to complete the entire appointment registration process. Compared with the previous manual registration, patients do not have to queue up, the staff does not have such a heavy workload, and the entire medical process has become More efficient. After seeing the doctor, you can pay at the hospital self-service payment machine, which is a very convenient operation.

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