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Touchscreen Government Scanning And Printing Kiosk Self Service Report Print Terminal

May 23, 2023

Latest company news about Touchscreen Government Scanning And Printing Kiosk Self Service Report Print Terminal

The public legal self-service terminal is a self-service channel that provides legal consultation, document drafting, legal aid and other services for the public. Through computer technology, intelligent voice recognition, artificial intelligence and other technical means, the terminal can realize dialogue with people and provide relevant legal knowledge and legal assistance.


The emergence of public legal self-service terminals can effectively relieve the pressure on legal service institutions such as lawyers, legal aid centers, and judicial offices, and at the same time facilitate the public to obtain legal services anytime and anywhere. The public can query common legal questions on the terminal, and obtain corresponding legal answers, procedures, forms and other information. At the same time, they can also choose to draft relevant documents by themselves and obtain preliminary review opinions.


Public legal self-service terminals, as an emerging legal service method, have broad application prospects and development potential. In the future, public legal self-service terminals will be more intelligent, able to more accurately assist the public in completing various legal affairs, and will play an important role in improving the legal service system, improving judicial justice, and promoting social harmony and stability.


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