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What Are The Functions Of Station Self-service Ticketing Terminals

October 16, 2020

Latest company news about What Are The Functions Of Station Self-service Ticketing Terminals

As a place with a lot of people, the station is very popular especially during some holidays. In the past, when only manual ticket sales were possible, it was really difficult to buy a ticket. With the rapid development of the times in recent years , the station self-service ticket collection terminal was born, which easily solved the problem of ticket sales and collection. Today KER will explain what functions the station self-service ticketing terminal has.

1. Tickets Can Be Purchased And Collected

As a basic function, ticket purchase and ticket collection are definitely necessary. Users can operate according to their own needs and complete actions such as ticket purchase and ticket collection.

2. Can Use Station Special Magnetic Card To Recharge

The station self-service ticket collection terminal supports reading station-specific magnetic cards, which can be recharged at the self-service ticket collection machine.

3. Read UnionPay Cards, All-in-one Cards, ID cards, etc.

Station self-service terminals support reading UnionPay cards, all-in-one cards, ID cards and other cards.

4. UnionPay card, Alipay, WeChat, Cash And Other Payment Methods

There are many payment methods for self-service terminals, such as Alipay payment, WeChat payment, UnionPay card payment, cash payment, etc., which are popular nowadays. Users can choose corresponding operations according to their actual conditions.

5. Backup Power Supply Support

The backup power supply is a built-in power supply function in the self-service terminal, which can automatically switch to the backup power supply in the case of a sudden power failure, and the user does not need to worry about the problem caused by the sudden power failure

6. Tickets Printing, Receipt Printing, etc.

After we have completed the ticket purchase operation, if we choose to print the ticket, the self-service ticketing terminal will directly print the ticket and flow out from the ticket exit. If you don’t need to print, the ticket can be picked up at any time. For who need the transaction voucher, they can print the receipt on the kiosk directly too.

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