1280*1024 Hotel Self Check In Kiosk

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Display: 19" Full HD LED LCD Screen Display Ratio: 4:3
Maximum Contrast: 3000: 1 Resolution: 1280 * 1024
Viewing Angle: 170 ° Response Time: 5MS
Brightness: 300cd / M² Signal Input: VGA Or HDMI
Average Life Time: 100,000 Hours
High Light:

1280*1024 Hotel Self Check In Kiosk


1280*1024 Self Check Out Kiosk


19"Hotel Self Check In Kiosk

Product Description

Hotel Self Check In Kiosk KER-DZ004A Self Check Out Kiosk Payment


Hotel Room Cards Dispenser





Hotel Check-in Kiosk is an unattended, simple operation, convenient and quick human-computer interaction device for query.
Guests can open a room, check out, check out and leave the shop by self-check-in equipment. To achieve the goal of improving customer efficiency, saving time, saving hotel operating costs, and improving service quality. It has service integrity, visibility, systematization and maintainability, and is an effective guarantee for the hotel's automated business processing.

Ker Smart Hotel specializes in hotel information and provides a one-stop solution for intelligent hotel unattended front desk. Ker's self-service check-in solution includes a self-service ecosystem that includes a hotel self-service check-in machine and a pre-management system. It is committed to making the front desk service more intimate with smart technology and increasing the hotel occupancy rate.

The hotel's smart check-in system integrates human-computer interaction technology, face recognition technology, intelligent control technology, infrared sensing technology and voice recognition technology. The software can open UnionPay, Alipay, WeChat payment interface, self-identification, room selection, self-service payment, extend another stay, self-service room card, check-out and other operations.

Hotel self check-in machine is a truly unattended self-service hotel intelligent platform. It improves the guest experience, saves labor costs and makes the connection much closer between customers and hotels, thus improving the overall efficiency of the hotel. The hotel's smart check-in system has been successfully applied to hundreds of Chinese-style hotels and has been recognized by users.

▋ Hotel self check-in machine function ▋
◆ Card-taking function: ID card, QR code, verification code, mobile phone number, membership card for check-in;
◆ Card-issuing function: hotel room card issuance;
◆ Fingerprint recognition function: Issue room card vouchers and collect customer fingerprints;
◆ Recharge function: use UnionPay card payment and cash payment methods to recharge hotel special cards;
◆ Advertising playback function: unified backstage management of the online headquarters;
◆ Video function: collection and verification of customer face recognition;
◆ Print function: print transaction voucher;
◆ Card reading function: UnionPay card, hotel special card reading;
◆ WeChat payment function: scan the QR code to generate a mobile phone verification code to confirm the payment;
◆ self-service function; can automatically switch on and off at regular time;
◆ Power-off transaction function: The backup support can be processed normally after power-off.


NO. Category Module Specification


Touch Display


LED Display

19" Full HD LED LCD screen

Display Ratio: 4:3; Maximum Contrast: 3000: 1

Resolution: 1280 * 1024; Viewing angle: 170 °

Response Time: 5MS; Brightness: 300cd / m²

Signal Input: VGA or HDMI

The average life time is 100,000 hours.


Capacitive Touch Screen

19" capacitive touch screen, matching the size of the main display screen, no need for touch force.

Response Speed: 2-5ms; Light Transmittance: 95%;

Response Time: 5ms; Surface Hardness: > Mo type 7;

Resolution: 4096 * 4096; Position Accuracy: ≤2mm;

The service life is more than 10 years.

No coating on the surface, anti-violence, anti-scratch, water-proof, dust-proof. Only one calibration is needed.

2 Host Industrial Host

I3 industrial control motherboard; Kingston 4G memory; Kingston 64G solid hard drive

(Integrated audio, network card, channel 2.0, support lvds / vga, 6 serial ports, 8 USB2.0, one network port)

3 Face Recognition HD Camera Industrial HD camera with face recognition and live detection.
4 Printing Receipt Printer

Epson Thermal Receipt Printer T532

Printable width: 50mm-80mm, with automatic cutter; Can place lengthened 80mm thermal paper, support paper-lacking alarm interface.

5 Identification OCR Passport Scanner

Wintone passport scanner

Support passport scanning, identity authentication.

6 Card Dispense and Return Automatic dispense and receive room cards.

Model: ACT (with recycling carton)

Support automatic card dispensing. Read magnetic stripe information during card dispensing; Card size 55x86mm, card thickness 0.36 ~ 1.0mm, card case capacity 120pcs / 0.76mm standard card (maximum card capacity is 500PCS; Card dispensing speed is more than 1 / s , Double-wheel card-rubbing design effectively prevents dual-card output, recessed design, easy adjustment of card thickness, movable card box with lock, more effective improvement of security, high-strength plastic card issuing channel structure, RFID anti-interference, and flexible card reading and writing function expansion, dustproof and anti-foreign body bayonet design.

7 Finance



Should be provided by customers and also customers should get the interface documents.
8 Bill Acceptor NV Bill Acceptor Accept all denominations but can only dispense one.
8 Sound/Lights Control SRX712 Audio amplifier,2x5W speaker
Lights Indicator light control board (communicating with computer and providing interface), there are indicator lights at room card dispensing, bank card, receipt slots, etc.





Quiet fan; 2 configurations, bearing structure B: BALL, black-painted aluminum alloy die-casting anti-corrosion, moisture-proof structure, flame retardant, high-precision, long life low-noise ball-bearings.




Toughthed Casing

Appearance: novel and attractive, seams are close and aligned with the same gap;

Material: cold-rolled steel plate, hard and thick, not easy to deform;

Surface treatment: rust-proof, anti-corrosion, wear-proof, not easy to stain and damage;

Internal structure: tidy wiring;

External structure: each component module is tightly combined with the cabinet, the layout is reasonable, the technology is sophisticated, and the internal skeleton is required to ensure the stability of the casing; the overall design is ergonomically designed, and the operation is simple and comfortable.

The thickness of the steel plate is 1.5mm and the bottom of the casing is 2.0mm. The surface of the shell is treated with metal spraying. The color and style can be customized according to requirements.




Meet the online (mobile phone), offline (self-service machine) and manual room booking, renewal, check-out routine function operation, and related reconciliation functions, classification and summary report generation, customer information collection, etc.





1. Cut costs. Ordinary hotels need fixed staff such as security, front desk, finance, cleaning, etc., and the cost is relatively high. However, the fixed staff in their hotel has only one store manager and two security guards. The room wife is a part-time job of a housekeeping company. The low labor cost leads to relatively low prices. low.
2. Improve efficiency. Intelligentization is one of the keywords that cannot be ignored in the hotel industry. Emerging technologies such as VR and AI are constantly "invading" various application scenarios in hotels.

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