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Self Service Queue And Call Terminal Nfc Reader Terminal Multifunction Self Service Kiosk

May 25, 2023

Latest company case about Self Service Queue And Call Terminal Nfc Reader Terminal Multifunction Self Service Kiosk

The self-service queuing check-in machine is an intelligent self-service device, which can provide convenient and fast services for various public places and service industries. For example, in hospitals, banks and other places, the flow of people is large, people are dense, and people need to spend a lot of time waiting, and the introduction of self-service queuing check-in inquiry machines can effectively alleviate these problems.

The realization principle of the self-service queuing check-in query machine is as follows:

When Fantai personnel cannot cope with the large-scale queuing situation in the venue, users can complete operations such as queuing, waiting, and check-in through self-service, and then obtain services. Self-service check-in machines usually cover various technologies such as screen display, internal structural hardware, equipment maintenance and programming software development. Users choose the business they need to handle according to the operation guidelines, and the system will collect and save the user's information, and arrange the user's queuing order according to business needs. After the service is completed, the self-service queuing check-in inquiry machine can also send a text message or call to remind the user to take away the processed documents or materials according to the user information.

The advantages of the self-service queuing check-in inquiry machine are as follows:

Improve service experience: The self-service queuing check-in query machine can shorten the waiting time of users in the queue, and at the same time allow customers to choose service content independently and complete the check-in operation conveniently.

Automatic queuing to reduce busy work: self-service queuing check-in machine can help related service industries to simplify the business process, randomly assign users to each window, effectively reduce the situation of long queues of people queuing at the window, and ensure the safety of customers in the fast-paced life. timeliness and regularity.

Reduce manpower input: The introduction of self-service queuing and check-in inquiry machines can alleviate problems such as excessive business volume of service personnel and substandard service quality of customer service personnel due to insufficient manpower or busy business.

Enhanced data management and security: The self-service queuing check-in inquiry machine generally encrypts and manages customer information to ensure storage security. Compared with traditional service methods, self-service check-in machine service can provide customers with high-quality services more intelligently, efficiently, quickly and privately.


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