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How To Check In And Check Out At The Hotel Self Check-in Kiosk

January 7, 2021

Latest company news about How To Check In And Check Out At The Hotel Self Check-in Kiosk
Hotel self-service check-in machines are relatively unavailable in many hotels. It is inevitable that they are not very familiar during the operation process. Many friends do not know how to use the hotel self-service check-in machines to open rooms and check-out procedures. Today, the self-service terminal manufacturer KER will give you some explaination.
Hotel Self Check-in Machine Check-in Process:
1. Code Scanning
First, we need to scan the code to connect the mobile phone to the hotel self-service check-in machine. Generally, there will be a corresponding QR code on the hotel self-service machine.
2. Choose A Room
After, it’s time to choose a room. Customers can choose the room they like, and they can see the price and room photos on the self-service terminal.
3. ID scanning
Place the certificate on the sensing area of the hotel self-service terminal to scan the certificate. This step is equivalent to when we go to open the room, we have to give the ID card to the front desk, and here just change the step of giving it to the front desk into the induction area of the machine.
4. Face Recognition For Confirmation
We only need to point the camera of the hotel self-service machine to perform face recognition to ensure that the certificate and the holder are the same person.
5. Payment
After completing the above steps, you only need to pay the price of the corresponding room on the mobile phone, and then you can get the corresponding room card from the card exit of the machine.
Hotel Self-service Check-out Process:
1. Insert Room Card
2. Click Check Out To Settle
The check-out process is relatively simple. It only takes two simple steps to complete the check-out, which is very convenient and fast.
The emergence of hotel self-service check-in machines not only improves the service quality of the hotel, but also gives a user-friendly experience and enhances the competitiveness of the hotel.
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