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Self-service Books Kiosk, Convenient For Readers To Borrow And Return Books

August 27, 2020

Latest company news about Self-service Books Kiosk, Convenient For Readers To Borrow And Return Books
The library no longer needs to configure a separate audio lending machine! Borrowing and returning machine “One machine for multiple uses”, after readers borrow, return, renew, and inquire, accurately push audio resources according to the reader’s borrowing habits. While reducing the floor space of the equipment in the library, it can also fully enhance the utilization value of the self-service book machine. In today’s mobile Internet era, the single-content and academic-based paper books have long been unable to satisfy readers’ reading habits, and the library needs high-quality audio-visual resources as a supplement to readers, while increasing the utilization rate of resources in the library.
The self-service book borrowing and returning machine will provide readers with a new open library service system around the clock. The system uses advanced radio frequency identification technology (RFID) to automatically identify RFID electronic tags attached to books through radio frequency signals to manage information. In order to increase the utilization rate of books, standardize the management of bookshelves, and facilitate readers to borrow books more conveniently, recently, the library introduced a “self-service borrowing and returning machine”
The library has opened the self-service lending and returning machine’s book return function. Most books can be returned through the machine. However, please be sure to note: 1: Overdue and reserved books cannot be returned on the machine, please go to the borrowing and return desk to handle it manually; 2: The book must be successfully completed on the machine before the book can be placed in the return box, otherwise, the book will be deemed to have not been returned, and the reader will take care of the consequences; 3: On the machine when returning books, make sure that the number of books selected for return is the same as the actual number of books placed on the machine to ensure that each book is successfully processed; 4: Some books have special label conditions that cannot be processed normally on the machine, please go to the counter to go through the procedures for returning the book manually.
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