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Self-service Terminals Make Life More Convenient!

May 31, 2021

Latest company news about Self-service Terminals Make Life More Convenient!

The self-service terminal is an electronic information device that forms an interactive environment through multimedia databases such as movies, pictures, texts, etc., which is specifically used to store information and provide various information inquiry, printing, payment, and product sales and other services. With the development of the times, the application of self-service equipment in life has become more and more extensive.

The self-service terminal is based on the design concept of a 24-hour self-service system, which can alleviate the problem of excessive traffic in traditional business halls, avoid the trouble of customers handling business in the business hall, and make customers feel relaxed by offering convenient and considerate services. It has been widely used in communications, finance, medical care, airports, industry and commerce, taxation and other industries.

The entry of smart technology into everyday scenarios such as airports is no longer a novelty, such as self-service terminals, monitoring systems, face recognition and other high-tech technology, and the accuracy of self-service terminals in security inspections can be maintained at more than 95%. A virtual doll will be shown on the display screen. If the person being detected carries contraband, the corresponding area of the doll will be marked. Self-service terminals have greatly reduced the burden on the staff. Convenient and efficient operation is critical to the entire airport.

Self-service terminals can perform self-service registration, payment, report printing, inquiries, etc., to optimize the medical process and functional layout. Therefore, in areas such as registration, charging, medical guidance service station, blood test window, automatic medicine distribution area and the medicine collection window can put in medical self-service terminals, which can effectively reduce hospital service costs.

In the communication industry, self-service terminal users can enter the phone number through the terminal to perform self-service handling of mobile phone shutdown (recovery), telephone bill query printing, payment, invoice printing, caller ID, GPRS and other basic services; You can also buy mobile phone cards, password recharge receipts. Through value-added development, other value-added services such as commodity purchase can also be realized through supporting equipment.

The functions of the bank’s self-service terminal can be basic functions such as cash deposit and withdrawal, balance inquiry, transfer between the bank or different bank, and password modification; it also provides such basic functions as passbook printing, statement printing, check deposit, envelope deposit, payment, top-up, etc. Series of convenient services. Relevant businesses can be completed only through self-service terminals, and no other staff are required to operate. The equipment saves personnel expenses and reduces operating costs.

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